I’m Jennifer Barnes, and this is a blog where I ramble about the various things I’m up to. Writing, cooking, learning to code, having strong opinions about genre films, that sort of thing.


Day 15

We put together this futon tonight, and a rhino immediately moved in to the new habitat. Those brown sheets are extremely temporary, until the futon cover we ordered comes in.

The missing chair

A quick note before I go to bed for day 14. As part of our big furniture buying event yesterday, we picked up a couple of dining room chairs. We bought the current table/chair setup used, and we’ve been making due with four matching chairs and whatever we had around the house when we needed …

Day 13 – just barely

Managing to squeeze in today’s blog post around 11pm after a very long day. We went to the Families Belong Together rally at the Texas Capitol Building this afternoon. That was uplifting. The lawn was pretty full early on with a good turnout. I think that as people get re-acclimated to the idea of going …