Quick note From Fantastic Fest

I have been in the throws of the genre film festival Fantastic Fest since last Friday.  I am pretty close to passing out right here at this table in the Arcade.  Its pretty damn awesome.

Its my first time to do Fantastic Fest, so I decided to volunteer rather than cough up the money for a ticket.  I ended up on Transportation Crew, which means Ive been driving gigantic passenger vans with call names like Kai Ju, Jaws, The Blob, and Godzilla, really sweet newish minivans that really, really want to mindmeld with my phone, and the shiny new Audi that looks, feels, drives like a tiny spaceship. I have been doing airport and hotel pickups, running errands, and hauling vans full of VIPS out to crazy special events intended to give these guests a taste of Texas.

I havent had time to see nearly as many movies as i would like, but thats really ok.  I am inside the bizarre world of the genre filmmaker scene, and its an amazing place to be.  I will hopefully catch a moment soon to type up some reviews of the movies I have seen.

Two more days of this. I should probably take a nap.

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