Slow Apocalypse, Texas Style

billIt’s noon in Texas, and here in the hill country the rain is coming in torrential waves.  I regret my failure to grab an umbrella this morning, despite being surrounded by devices and media crying out warnings for several days.

At least the Storm Trooper (my white Honda CRV) will finally get a proper bath.

It’s weird to be sitting through what feels like the intro setup for a post-apocalypse movie.

Minute Earth posted a great video the other day about why the weather seems to be getting weirder.  If you’re on Vessel, you can get access to it:

It discusses the feedback loop between rising ocean temperatures and the weather cycles, laying out why storms seem to be dumping more rain and snow while droughts, in a seeming contradiction, are getting worse.

On an objective level, it is really interesting to watch what science fiction has gotten wrong or right, or didn’t foresee at all about climate change.  Seriously, why aren’t there any speculative fiction stories about post-civilization coastal Texas?  …That may be a need to address soon.

And damn it, I have to get back to work now, but tonight I’m going to make some Lovecraftian art with a Texas flare.  Googling “Cthulhu in a cowboy hat” gave me nothing.

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