The sun is lying and other Monday thoughts

It’s a deceptively bright and sunny 34 degrees (Fahrenheit) out on my apartment balcony. Nature has failed to match my sense of despair on this, the last day of my vacation.

Pushing Papers

It’s a busy day of running around ahead of me. As soon as I’m showered and otherwise cleaned up, I intend to face the queue at the county office to set up a DBA for my pen name, and a business bank account after that. It’s a concrete act of commitment to these wild plans of mine to make this the year I start making money off of writing.

After that I’ll flip a coin between running around the green belt with my camera or camp out in a cafe to work on the other Big Project, which I look forward to declaring victory over as soon as possible.

Grumpy Uncle Letters

I just finished reading the first edition of the year of Warren Ellis’s excellent weekly newsletter, Orbital Operations. His is my favorite of all the newsletters I currently read, and you should subscribe. His ramblings roll out in a grim but delightful prose, and he recommends all sorts of weird and wonderful books, music, art, and more that I would not have come across on my own. It’s like getting an email every week from your cool but dark humored old hermit uncle who lives alone in the UK.

Doing Science 

I had a bit of a cooking experiment the other night that Reed was mostly happy about. I’m on a quest for a good, fast, home made peanut sauce recipe. I’ve had some luck with the one I found in Vegan Unplugged, the camping and survivalist vegan cookbook. The sauce itself is good, but I need to do the math to make a larger volume, as I use several ounces more of fresh vegetables than the original recipe is meant for.

Along with that, I fried up some tofu, which I am still working to perfect (the tofu press has become one of my favorite kitchen tools). For this dish, I just rolled the cubes around in some corn starch and fried them up as is. I need to figure out a spice set to mix in with the corn starch that works with the flavors of stir fries. My fish-fry style tofu does not work with Asian-style dishes. I could always marinate and bake it, but frying is so much faster.

Goals and Such

I started reading Syd Field’s famous screenwriting book last night. This was Reed’s suggestion, after a conversation we had a few weeks back about how genre fiction often benefits from a similar structure to that strictly adhered to in successful scripts, because genre fiction and screenplays both need to successfully tell stories. I could undoubtedly write a very long separate post about that, so I’ll save it for the future.

The point of bringing it up is to say that I am working to study story telling as a craft, to take Katherine Hurley‘s advice. I think I’m going to put most of my fiction efforts into short stories this year, although I do hope to get the novel worked up into at least a usable draft by this summer.

That said, writing gigs that pay will be taking priority over art for a while, and I don’t yet know what that’s going to look like. We’ll see how things actually shake out.

It feels good to be blogging again.


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