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I got up early to put in some hours on a new side project, which I’m referring to as Infinite Haunted House. It’s an exercise to develop my short story skills. The idea is to think of an enormous haunted house (with infinite rooms), and every room in the house gets a one word theme. I’m taking those themes from the WordPress Daily Prompt, which I’ve been trying to utilize lately with varying results. It’s basically a twist on the storytelling games I like to play with my RPG group when we’re doing a campaign.

Writing dialogue is hard. And this first story has turned into something very dialogue-heavy right away. My brain feels like my legs do when I suddenly start going for runs again after sitting on my ass for months. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m heading in the right direction.

The freelancing thing is starting to pick up, which is simultaneously heartening and terrifying. My first project with a design team recently went live, which was pretty cool. Now I need to leverage that to get more work, a rhythm I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet. Developing enough confidence to sell my skill set is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

In wedding news, I’m debating pitching some wedding blogs on articles for how to get this bullshit done on the cheap. It would likely be a list with statements like, “Screw having a catered dinner, pizza and cheese plates are fine.” I took steps last night to thwart my mother, who has threatened to take me wedding dress shopping while we are visiting for Christmas. I spent way too much time looking through Pinterest and ModCloth to get an idea of what I do want (which, granted, I hadn’t done yet), and then confirming that the stores she wants to go to don’t carry anything remotely close to that.

I built out the infrastructure for our RSVP website, and that should get sent out to friends and family soon. I also made our invitations, which need to get printed and mailed ASAP.

Lots of balls to juggle right now.

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