Captain Phasma is my new obsession

captain phasma comic

Last night I inhaled the trade paperback of Marvel’s Captain Phasma comic. She’s tough and completely amoral when it comes to her own survival and I love her. Not a single nurturing, sentimental bone in her body. The comic starts… Continue Reading

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On learning genre beats in story telling

Reading books to learn their beats is a surreal exercise. I’m currently 3/4 of the way through the second paranormal noir thriller I’ve read in two weeks, and my brain has been lining up the scenes of each to see… Continue Reading

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Let’s do it again, y’all

I got to bed late last night because I couldn’t stop watching the political bloodbath in local and state elections across the country, as office after office flipped from a long-standing GOP member to a Democrat. It was beautiful. A… Continue Reading

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Internal Bleeding

lamb standing in dirt area

Yesterday evening my husband and I walked out of a theater after seeing the latest superhero movie, happy and laughing at its upbeat tone and humor. We both got on Twitter to post about how happy we were, but never… Continue Reading

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Books and writing and time

autumn leaves

I apologize for the rambling, but I’m currently in a “blog every day, especially if I feel I have nothing to say” phase, which makes me sloppy and unfocused. It’s also National Novel Writing Month, which leaves me a little… Continue Reading

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Halloween Pictures!

plastic skeleton and vase with black roses - halloween decorations

Halloween was kind of exhausting this year, with everything a bit too last minute, and shitty weather that made it hard to set up the day before the party. But we ploughed through these various obstacles, and plenty of people… Continue Reading

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Cardboard Madness

Yesterday’s big project was an engineering feat of pure madness, but now my tombstone template exists and nothing can stop me. Apologies for the terrible picture. I’ll make it up to you when I get good shots of the graveyard.… Continue Reading

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It’s finally cold enough for synthetic fiber yoga pants

squirrel skull

The shivering started halfway through my frozen fruit smoothie, and I had to put on house shoes and a sweater in order to finish breakfast. The temperature dropped to 41 F last night, which means I can wear clothes made… Continue Reading

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Armadillo Con 39

  My husband and I spent the weekend at Armadillo Con 39, a literary science fiction convention that has been happening in Austin, Texas, since 1979. This was, for all intents and purposes, my first writers convention, and it was… Continue Reading

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What Ray Bradbury Told Us To Do

That silly, minimalist story I published yesterday was a proof of concept and writing exercise to show myself that I can, in fact, writer a linear story with a beginning, middle, and end. I am a bit embarrassed by the… Continue Reading

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