Testing Google Docs WordPress Add-on

I’m testing out a Google Docs Add-on that can turn documents into WordPress drafts. I enjoy writing in Google Docs, so this could have interesting implications for my writing process. Still need to find the thing I was looking for though, will report on that later.

Supposedly it saves the formatting.

And the pictures:


Let’s see how this goes!

Nintendo E3 Announcements Exciting

Nintendo’s big E3 event was today, and most of it was pretty exciting news.

Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey looks weird but fun. Mario has some sort of magic hat that lets him possess different animals and objects. That includes a tyrannosaurus that looks amazing.

Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch!

This was a big surprise to everyone. There hasn’t been a new Metroid Prime game in ten years; it’s generally known as the Metroid Prime Trilogy. It was announced as “in development,” so no telling how long before it comes out.

Here’s the teaser:

In the mean time, there’s also a new Nintendo DS Metroid game, Samus Returns. It’s described as a re-imagining of the original Game Boy game, and it looks great. I may need to get my hands on this when it comes out in September.

Breath of the Wild DLC packs

The first DLC packs for Breath of the Wild were announced, one coming out this summer, the next for winter holiday. The DLC packs will bring new quests and dungeons that fans are very excited about. We’re still waiting to get a Switch, and I’m just watching our initial investment for Breath of the Wild creep up with every announcement.

New Yoshi Game

I loved Yoshi’s Wooly World, and the new game looks just as cute:


Lots of stuff to be excited about. I still think waiting until Christmas to get a Switch was a good plan for us, because there will be plenty of games by then.

Weekend Reading: Tubes by Andrew Blum

We made a trip to Book People today. I was excited to come across Tubes, by Andrew Blum, which is about the physical places that the internet depends upon to exist. I’m working on a new fiction project and have been trying to wrap my head around this exact subject for several days. I intend to inhale this book pretty quickly.