Cardboard Madness

Yesterday’s big project was an engineering feat of pure madness, but now my tombstone template exists and nothing can stop me.

cardboard cut into a template to make tombstones

Apologies for the terrible picture. I’ll make it up to you when I get good shots of the graveyard.

Today I’m tackling the gothic windows backdrop, which looks amazing in my head. I also have to do a big thrifting run to find some last minute things (like my costume).

We got most of the lighting figured out last night. That usually ends up being done at the last minute, so I’m very pleased that it’s been taken care of and we can plan around the lighting rather than trying to fit the lights we have to a layout created in daylight.

Tomorrow I have to make most of the food (after a day of painting), and that’s going to be pretty intense. Cookies, dips, some other appetizers, maybe cupcakes.

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