Internal Bleeding

Yesterday evening my husband and I walked out of a theater after seeing the latest superhero movie, happy and laughing at its upbeat tone and humor. We both got on Twitter to post about how happy we were, but never quite got around to doing so. Texas was trending as a topic, as well as a small town northeast of Austin.

History will mark 2017 as one of, if not the, shittiest years of the 21st century. 27 people were gunned down yesterday in a church by some angry white guy who was living in the town where we go to celebrate Oktoberfest every year. A random angry white male, with the stereotypical history of domestic violence. I don’t give a shit about his name, or his politics.

This happened at least in part because any wife-beating asshole with enough money can buy multiple guns designed for killing people, not deer, and stockpile ammunition to his heart’s content, until he’s good and ready take out a bunch of people connected to whatever woman he’s most pissed off at, all while committing an elaborate suicide of his own.

That idiot that went chasing after the guy with his own gun didn’t stop the killings in the church, did not actually help the cops in any way. His gun ownership did not save anyone, and could have vastly complicated the efforts of law enforcement to take down the killer. But he got to play cowboy for a little bit, and is being played up as a hero for his non-contribution, so other morons are going to try to act on their fantasies of saving the day with their concealed handguns when they end up in a live fire situation that they have no training for.

It was only a few weeks ago that another random angry white guy with a history of abusing women managed to gun down 500 people in Las Vegas, as part of his own elaborate suicide attempt. He’d been rapidly stockpiling weapons for months, but no one knocked on his door or kept an eye on him.

It should be a pain in the ass to get a gun. Not necessarily expensive, it shouldn’t be a class barrier. People out in the country genuinely need guns that are utilized as tools. But the paperwork should be nightmarish, the sort of red tape barrier that slows down and usually stops people acting irrationally. Places to buy a gun should be far and few between. Anyone who buys a gun should have to watch hours of educational videos on gun safety, to see the names and faces of murdered children.

Weapons dealers and weapons organizations, any entity that benefits from war, violence, or keeping the general population scared of imaginary threats, should be disallowed from lobbying or making financial contributions in any form to politicians. Weapons dealers do not benefit from a population that is gets along with each other. The interests of gun lobbyists are counter to our Constitutional right to health and happiness.

So many people are dead. More people are going to die unless we, the American people, call for more restrictions on guns.

And fuck the NRA.

Feature image: Photo by Nadia Supertino on Unsplash

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