Control, Attention, Etc.

I really need to fix the micro blog setup on this site.

I took Twitter off of my phone this morning, after staying up until nearly 1 am last night lost in the collective anger against the U.S. government’s fascist actions on the southern border against asylum seekers. I needed to angry with other people, to know that other people are angry, about these god damn concentration camps for babies.

When I get home from work today, I’m going to call every single elected government official that theoretically represents me, and I’m going to demand that they do something.

So I’m limiting my access to Twitter to get out of the rage-cycle enough to think clearly and find practical things to do to help those people. I still want to ramble online throughout the day, which is why I need to fix my micro-blog setup.

A micro-blog is basically what most social media is, a place to make short posts of various sorts of media, that go into a feed other people can follow. That still describes Twitter, and Facebook started getting weird when they evolved beyond that simple idea. In recent years, partly a reaction to the shady doings of Facebook, and Twitter’s refusal to actually deal with the Nazis, to find new ways to handle micro-blogging/social media that give control back to users. Enter the open-source community and federation.

Software federation basically means you can install your own instance on your own server, and connect it to the greater community if you want. It’s like making a private Twitter for a certain community, with all sorts of privacy tweaks. But there’s also a global feed that consists of thousands of instances across the planet and their public posts. So you can be as isolated or involved in larger communities as you want.

And there are other things coming up, now. PeerTube is a federated YouTube alternative that has lots of potential, and there are several attempts at a federated Instagram alternatives popping up at the moment.

What this is going to mean eventually is that I can set up all my own stuff, my own micro-blog, my own picture poster, my own video host, and keep all the original versions of that on a server I own. But, in order to stay connected to where people are, I can automate connecting these things to the mainstream services like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and not have to deal with the temptation of reading a feed or being exposed to comments, unless I want to. It means being able to use those mainstream services without exposing myself to all the shit floating around them. I really love that idea, and it’s what I want to have set up eventually.

What I was referring to earlier in regards to fixing my micro-blog, I was referring to Micro.Blog, a service trying to do some of what I mentioned above. The idea is that one builds a WordPress site dedicated to microblogging, and use that to write short posts that then are distributed out to Twitter, etc. In other words, I can tweet without taking a look at the feed and its addictive pull, instead only needing to look at the feed when I want to interact with it, at certain times of day or with a purpose in mind.

The entire point is to be in control of what can take up my attention, and limit exposure to those things that are designed to rob huge chunks of my attention and time.

Day 3 of 90 days of blogging

Feature Image: Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

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