On finding The Great Courses on Audible

Yesterday I figured out that most of the Great Courses are available on Audible at a pretty significant discount, so I may not be listening to much fiction for a while. There’s a whole series on ancient civilizations, and I might be salivating a little.

So much science, and a series on writing craft.

I started looking at Great Courses because I had the thought yesterday, during my daily slog through The Penguin History of the World, that I never had the chance to take a class on Homer’s works, so I’ve never actually read The Odyssey. History of the World was making the argument that Homer’s works are the collected stories of memories of the fall of the Aegean civilizations that led to the first Dark Age, which may have been triggered by a major assault on Troy around then that is visible in the archaeology. Thinking about Homer’s works that way, as an eye into the end times of an ancient civilization, I suddenly wanted to read the work in its entirety, but realized that having a guide in the form of a class would let me get more out of it. That led me on a search for a good online class and the website of The Great Courses.

I’m not jumping into that one right away, but I have realized that I’d like to go through classes on the major mythological works of the ancient world, from the Bible to the Rigveda. It’s a fun goal that could easily occupy me for a few years, and is certainly relevant to my desire to write epic fantasy and science fiction.

Day 4 of 90 days of blogging.

Luckily, I don’t have a daily word count goal or anything, I just want to post something every day.

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