Octopath is going to eat my brain

Octopath Traveler is pretty much everything that I like in a game. It’s an RPG-style adventure that uses pixel art in a 3-D world. There are eight characters with different stories to play through, and the world seems fun and complex.

I played for an hour in the free demo on Nintendo Switch last night, and it convinced me to buy the full game when it comes out next month. It uses turn-based combat that has plenty of opportunity for strategizing to defeat opponents. There are lots of weird monsters wandering around outside the towns for random encounters.

I started out playing Tressa, the young merchants’ daughter who sets out on an adventure to see the world. I got killed fighting pirates, and stopped for the night there. I easily could have played this game for a few hours.

It has a very classic games feel, between the art and the mechanics, that promises lots of fun. The setup for all the stories feels well thought out, too, which will also help to keep my attention.

I’m looking forward to the full release in a few weeks!

Day 5 of posting a blog every day for 90 days.

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