Day 10

Huzzah, after a session of turning every single one of my plug-ins off and on again, the WordPress mobile app appears to be working again.

Due to these technical issues, I missed posting again yesterday, alas. I’ve decided to start a spreadsheet for tracking how I’m doing. I should find something that can visually represent the stats, maybe gamify it. I’m adding that as a research project to my to do list.

We’re scrambling to get the house ready for my parents to visit, which means dealing with some rooms that are still full of unopened boxes, and getting furniture we intended to buy weeks ago to store all the stuff in those boxes. It’s somewhat stressful.

I went a bit catatonic yesterday over all the news out of the Supreme Court. It’s a grim time. There’s a march this Saturday in Austin, and we plan to be there. And after that I’m going to start looking for volunteer work for either the Dems or the DSA (or both, we’ll see). The thing about anger, horror, disgust, it’s all just energy that can be redirected into a collective effort to stop the things you’re so pissed about.

We’re not helpless. We have the ill luck to be living in a time that all of the rest of history will judge the United States, and perhaps the West as a whole, by. The immigrant issues at the border are born out of the same place that has incarcerated minority youth on a mass scale, so we can’t stop at demanding asylum for people fleeing violence in Central America. It must be demanded, with no compromise, that all human beings have rights, that biased laws and systems need to be abolished, that we all have the right to adequate food, water, shelter, education, and control over our own destinies. That no one has the right to accumulate vast quantities of wealth to the detriment of other people.

We can stop this.

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