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I’m tired of feeling despair every single time I read the news. I’m tired of the Democratic leadership being so damn spineless. I’m glad that a Democratic-Socialist won her primary in New York.

There was an interesting piece in The Guardian yesterday suggesting that unions need to look at how the NRA has build up influence, and figure out how to apply those lessons to their own organizing efforts.

“To even call the NRA a “gun lobby” obscures the real source of its power: its members. The respective opponents of unions and the NRA both focus disproportionately on their money. Gun control advocates organize boycottsto “defund the NRA”; unions still get called “big labor” with a straight face by business lobbies that outspend them 10 to 1. This kind of economic reductionism misses the real added value membership organizations offer to the parties they favor: boots on the ground for elections.”

The NRA is somewhere between a club and a cult in its ability to move a significant number of people in one direction all at once. It grosses me out to admit, but that’s what power is. Unions have had that power in the past, and they could again. Millions of people in this country share in common the fact that they are being paid too little for too much work, and that’s because of the erosion of workers rights. A new labor movement, with an edict to fight racism, sexism, and other intersectional issues that oppress workers, would be the ultimate nightmare of these monsters who have stolen the country from regular people.

The labor movement in the past had a lot of issues that would be need be addressed, from racism to ending the protection of sexual abusers.

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