Day 12

This morning I drove into town to go to the office I’ve been working at, several hours early. I printed out a letter to their HR person, my time sheet for the current period, and a note I left taped to the keyboard. I then scorch-earthed my data off of that computer, slipped a thick envelope under the HR person’s door, and walked out before anyone showed up for the work day.

As much as I might have fantasized about things to the contrary, in real life I don’t care for drama or theatrics. Treat me like shit and I will leave, but I’ll do it quietly. I understand now why it took them six months to fill the job, and I regret not listening to my gut reaction when I met the person I was to be the assistant to. A lesson learned.

I’m very grateful to be in a situation where I could walk out before I found replacement income, and I’m looking forward to using the time to redirect a lot of energy into getting my freelance career going again. The amount of anger vibrating through my body for the last 24 hours has been like a sword of fire melting through a glacial block of anxiety and depression around what I really want to be doing professionally, and I intend to take advantage of it while I have it.

All endings are new beginnings. Excelsior.

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