The missing chair

A quick note before I go to bed for day 14.

As part of our big furniture buying event yesterday, we picked up a couple of dining room chairs. We bought the current table/chair setup used, and we’ve been making due with four matching chairs and whatever we had around the house when we needed more.

My parents are coming to visit this coming weekend, and R’s parents will be coming over too. We scrambled for several days last week, trying to remember what had happened to a wooden, old-fashioned office chair that we often used for having people over for dinner. It was big and took up precious real estate in the old apartment, and we discussed getting rid of at least a few times a year.

Well, we couldn’t figure out where in the new house this chair was, and concluded that we must have gotten rid of it after all. R became convinced briefly that he had taken it down to the apartment dumpster at some point, where everyone always left their decent old furniture for someone else to find.

So we bought two new chairs yesterday, after much sitting and discussing and sitting again in an overwhelming variety of dining room chairs.

This afternoon, R walked into the kitchen while I was making lunch to tell me something. He knew where the old wooden office chair was. In fact, we had both been sitting in the damn thing on a daily basis, as it’s the chair at the front of the house we sit in to put on our shoes.

I stared at my husband for a long moment, trying to process this information. Finally, I started laughing and pronounced us both completely insane.

It’s fine, though. I’m glad we have two new chairs for the dining table. The old office chair was big and bulky, with arms, so it sat awkwardly at the table.

And we’d both been sitting in the stupid thing at least twice a day for several months. This sort of thing is a daily occurrence at our house.

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