A Ridiculous Ezine

Cheese and Glory is the genre fiction e-zine of author Jennifer Burroughs, featuring media reviews and articles on the pervasive weirdness of reality.

Jenn reviews science fiction, fantasy, and horror media in most forms, including comics, movies, tv shows, and books.

Weird articles can be broken down into as follows:

Living in the Future

  • All the science and technology that shows we’re really living in the strange future promised by science fiction.

The Dystopia

  • What are the people in power doing with all this amazing technology? Why hasn’t technology solved all the world’s problems yet?

Space is Terrifying

  • Black holes, gamma ray bursts, comets carrying giant viruses, all the horrifying things that show how small we are in a a vast universe.

Stop the Apocalypse

  • Global warming is real. So are pandemics and meteors and all the other stuff science has to save us from.

The Ancient World

  • Ancient wars, creepy ruins, weird dinosaurs, all the strange stuff scientists are trying to figure out about pre-history.