Culture and Technology: Why everything is so weird

Culture is the thing that lets you make a joke and expect other people to get it. It’s also rules about behavior that inform us of how to assess someone. Manners, if you will. And our ideas about good manners and behavior need to catch up with the times.  Culture takes a lot time to change, and we’re still adapting to innovations that happened in the 1980’s, possibly the 70’s. Cultures tend to have time to adapt to new technologies and gradually develop rules about their use before the next big innovation. That changed a few short decades ago with the arrival of the digital age. By normal historical patterns,… Read More

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dead leaf on ground - jenn burroughs-


Vigor, or energetic life force, is a difficult meditation while surrounded by the efforts of trees and squirrels to go quiet and still for the season. There’s a red oak behind my apartment balcony that is gradually starting to earn its name. There will be a short few days soon where the whole tree will fight the sunset for brilliance and beauty, until the sunrise will beat them both with a hard, dusty wind whistling down from the north.  The leaves will be whipped away with more thoroughness and force than I use to sweep my kitchen, and then there will be only bare gray branches until the warm damp… Read More

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Go vote.  Go vote.  Go vote.  Go vote. Then keep listening to the news, and learn how to harass and harangue and make demands of your congresspeople, your senator, your state legislator, your mayor, your city council, and your judges. Write letters, sign official petitions, find local activist communities, go to protests, and drag all your friends to them. Read a wide variety of news sources.  Get off of Facebook and set yourself up a Feedly account so you can subscribe to all kinds of different blogs, newspapers, and organizations.  Seek out the voices of people who are different from you.  White, black, latino, liberal, conservative, anarchist, scientific, religious.  Listening… Read More

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safe neighborhood movie

Holiday Horror – Safe Neighborhood

Imagine if Home Alone had been a slasher film.  That’s what Safe Neighborhood feels like, and it’s hilarious. Safe Neighborhood follows creepy, bratty, oversexed 12 year old Luke (Levi Miller) in his campaign to seduce Ashley (Olivia DeJonge), the hot 17 year old who has been babysitting him for years, before she moves away for college.  Ashley arrives to watch Luke one last time while his parents are out at a holiday party.  Things get weird as Ashley brushes off young Luke’s efforts show his feelings, and then spooky as they begin to realize there is someone else in the house.  Watch out for those plastic yard Santa’s. Written by comedy writer Zack Kahn… Read More

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monarch butterfly on flowers - jenn burroughs -

Wordless Wednesday – Pictures From October

A few pictures I took in October.  

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dark misty woods - image from

I am tired of the song “Wristband”

The public radio station here plays that new Paul Simon song “Wristband” at least 20 times a day, and I hate it.  It’s the worst song on the album and I do not understand how it ended up as the single. It’s a pretty good album otherwise.  There’s even a song about werewolves that is super fun, which did not get any airplay for Halloween. Wristband is basically a song about grumpy old people who don’t understand how getting into clubs works anymore.  It’s awful. Listen to how much fun “The Werewolf” is:  

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I found the most magnificent pillow at World Market today. That, my friends, is a throw pillow depicting the grave robbing scene in the original Frankenstein film.  October is the only time of year that I can really shop for home decor. Our apartment is a bit of a wreck at the moment, filled to brimming with Halloween projects in progress, and bags upon bags of paper bats. I can’t believe our party is a week from tonight. The temperature has finally dropped a bit here in Central Texas.  The mornings are crisp and the crow that winters in our neighborhood has been making a racket.  This means that the… Read More

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war for the planet of the apes.

War For The Planet Of The Apes Trailer Released

20th Century Fox has released a teaser trailer for War For the Planet Of The Apes.  Grim and a little spooky, Caesar (Andy Serkis) seems to be warning his human friends to get away from an inevitable war.  

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text fantastic fest

Fantastic Fest 2016 Recap

Fantastic Fest 2016 was, as always, a great party.    I ate too much fried food, was movie critic Leonard Maltin’s personal driver for a couple of days, and had an argument at the bar with a drunk Irish guy who hates Hillary Clinton. I saw 14 movies, including what is now my second favorite kaiju movie of all time.  Fantastic! Below is a quick synopsis of the films I saw, and why you should or should not waste a piece of your short time on Earth watching them.  The movie titles link to either their IMDB entry, or a trailer. I’ll also post updates in the future on how to… Read More

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bobcat kitten big cat rescue

Watch this Cute Video of a Bobcat Kitten Playing

Big Cat Rescue, a non-breeding sanctuary in Tampa, FL, has a baby bobcat right now who goes nuts playing at night. Big Cat Rescue has hours and hours of great video of rescued big cats on their Youtube channel, as well as information on how to support them.  They’re a 501c3 nonprofit doing important work that saves captive lions, tigers, and other large cats abandoned by circuses, private citizens who tried to keep them as pets, and other circumstances.  

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