Still Life With Nerd

I wish Reed would stop being so addicted to Civilization: Beyond Earth so we can finally watch this week’s Agents of SHIELD tonight. I’m about to plug into an audio book about a hypothetical Dracula still hanging out in modern day Turkey and play original Zelda on mute until he’s done making disastrous peace treaties with miasma-spewing aliens or whatever.

I wish I’d had time to pick up my pull list from Austin Books; I can’t wait to read Bitch Planet. I have time to complain about all of this because I skipped out on my RPG group thanks to a bit of an anxiety attack earlier this evening, which led to a long phone call to plan Christmas with my mom. It’s a miracle that I’m not baking cookies right now.

Seriously though, dying to find out what happens to Mack. I’ve been dodging SHIELD spoilers and coworkers desperate to talk about it all day. I hope my little theory is right. I will be upset if they just kill him. Please be an Inhuman, Mack, and live!

Oh, and when I was trying to leave work today, I got caught in a conversion with a coworker who needed to share his frustrations with Doctor Who; he knows I sympathize with the Moffat-is-a-lazy-writer camp. I got to rant a bit myself, and he was appropriately horrified by my conviction that Santa Claus will bring Danny back like Jesus did Lazarus, or else he’ll magic Clara up a morally acceptable Christmas miracle baby to father the father of her great grandson who looked just like Danny. I am so done with that show.

I’m going to go drink tea out of my favorite mug now. Goodnight.