Beautiful Skull Art Prints

I am in love with these skull art prints by Billy Bogiatzoglou featured on

Available for purchase through Society6 as art prints, there are 50 different designs to choose from. The skulls are etched with designs inspired by the patterns in art throughout history, ranging from Greek to Aztec to video games (look for the space invaders below!).

My birthday is coming up. These may be at the top of the wishlist.

Image of 2 skulls made of copper, with flower designs etched into them.

Image of two copper skulls with geometric designs etched into them

image of two skulls with patterns etched into them

Copper skull with paisley patterns etched into it

image of 50 copper skulls, all etched with different designs such as flowers or geometric shapes

Source: Hope You Like Skulls on

Artist: Billy Bogiatzoglou of Brighton, UK

For Purchase: Society6