Review: Dead Pig Collector by Warren Ellis

picture of a knife and sheath, words 'dead pig collector'

I just raced through the audio version of Warren Ellis’s Dead Pig Collector,¬†a delightful¬†exploration of the world of hired killers and body disposal, performed by Wil Wheaton.

You’ll learn all sorts of things about body disposal. I’m very curious about who all Ellis talked to when working on this piece, as he obviously dove deep into subject expertise. Definitely going on the list of things I’d love to talk to him about over whiskey.

Wil Wheaton delivers Warren Ellis’s dry British humor perfectly. I had a hard time not laughing out loud this morning as I listened to the story in my office. Anyone who appreciates taking the practical and methodical approach to the task at hand will get a kick out of this work.

A perfect audiobook for the quick road trip at only an hour, and on sale for $3.30.

If you’re looking for something fast and morbid, this is the short story for you.