What I read today March 19th

A new app to help you avoid people who suck, AirBnB learned their lesson and is ready to clean up the orgy that happened in your living room while you were away, the long lost wizard founder of Friendster wants to organize your social media feeds into something genuinely manageable, and cultural appropriation still sucks. Oh, and Marvel taunts the fandom with hints at one of the greatest things that could possibly happen.


The Verge: Nuzzel keeps track of Twitter and Facebook so you don’t have to

From the creator of Friendster (a long lost digital civilization that lives on in legends and myths). I’m going to have to play around with this.

Vice: This App Tracks the People You Don’t Like So You Can Avoid Them Forever

“We advise the heavy use of the hate follow.”

Fast Company: The Secret to AirBnB’s Freakishly Rapid Orgy Response: “Scenario Planning”

“…the company spent the past year preparing for scandals not just related to sex parties, but also to prostitution and even suicide. “Because we’re a high-profile company, there are things that will go wrong,” Airbnb hospitality chief Chip Conley told me recently. “So how do we deal with the aftermath of things that don’t go well?””

Salon: I still can’t stand white belly dancers

““I’m Egyptian and I love white belly dancers!” Good for you. Come live in America for 23 years, have people throw lit cigarettes at you and make fun of your mother’s accent and sneer at your muhajjaba aunt and try to deport your brother, see a white woman be applauded in a bar while dancing to “Walk Like an Egyptian” in a “Nefertiti hat,” and if, after that, you still feel the same way, cool, write your own opinion piece about it.”

Comic Book Resources: Feige Teases ‘Unbelievable’ Ultron, Possibility of Captain Marvel Movie

“Frankly, if we do a Black Widow movie after Age of Ultron, when she’s been central in three or four movies I don’t think we’d get the quote unquote credit for it,” he told Badass Digest. “People would say ‘She’s already a big giant superhero!’ But if we had a great idea, we’d do it.”