Captain Marvel’s Theme Song by Adam WarRock

The inestimable popculture hiphop¬†artist Adam WarRock has crafted a theme song for my favorite comic book hero. It’s even Kelly Sue approved:  

Review: Captain Marvel #12

Captain Marvel #12 by Kelly Sue DeConnick My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the most intense issue the series has had in a while. Cat-napping, black hole TARDIS jokes that never end, and Carol doing very impulsive Carol… Continue Reading

A Saturday well spent, and some comics reviews

I love Saturdays. We walked to the diner around the corner for pancakes this morning, and after that we rescued Reed’s vintage Star Wars toys from his parents’ attic (pictures of the diorama coming soon). We even went to the… Continue Reading

What I read on Thursday

Twitter keeps doing things, shockwaves from the Target hack continue to be felt in the tech world, the next revolution in stock images is happening, and LifeHacker, as always, has some great advice. Then I listened to some podcasts. ReadWrite:¬†The… Continue Reading