Review: Captain Marvel #12

Captain Marvel #12
Captain Marvel #12 by Kelly Sue DeConnick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the most intense issue the series has had in a while. Cat-napping, black hole TARDIS jokes that never end, and Carol doing very impulsive Carol things that don’t work out when punching things isn’t the solution, accent the tension of the very bad things that are happening.

I’d say that this particular issue could be a great jumping-in point for anyone who isn’t currently reading the series but would like to. It has a little bit of everything, from showing off Kelly Sue Deconnick’s sense of humor to jumping right into a new serious arc.

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A Saturday well spent, and some comics reviews

I love Saturdays. We walked to the diner around the corner for pancakes this morning, and after that we rescued Reed’s vintage Star Wars toys from his parents’ attic (pictures of the diorama coming soon). We even went to the comic book store. I just burned through every single thing I picked up at Austin Books and Comics this afternoon. It was awesome.

The Wicked+The Divine

the wicked + the divineIf you pick up a new series this month, make it The Wicket+The Divine. The writing is fantastic, the art drags you into Rock Star Fantasy London before you know it, and the scope of the story that’s being set up in this issue is mind blowing.  One issue and I’m completely hooked.


She-Hulk #1

she hulk issue 1 2014Funny, smart, and empowering. Worth jumping into. Now on its third printing, I picked this book up at the recommendation of Rachel at Austin Books and Comics. It’s nice when they know what you like.


Godzilla Rulers of Earth #13

godzilla rulers of earth 13Rulers of Earth is the gift that keeps on giving. After the heart-wrenching cliffhanger of issue 12, we are now pulled into a future where Monster Island is well established to the point that the US government can start being jerks about funding the project that keeps us safe from monsters. Keep this book going, guys, please don’t stop.

Ms. Marvel #5

ms marvel #5Kamala Khan starts to learn the hard lessons of hero-ing, and going on that journey with her is so much fun. This book continues to fresh and original, with a rich, interesting set of characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16

guardians of the galaxy #14 2014Lots of action, and some Captain Marvel. The story is still spread out around several different threads because of the situation the Guardians are in.

I haven’t really been reading this series until recently. I picked up of GotG #15 a couple of weeks ago mostly because I was confused about the timeline of the crossover with Captain Marvel.  She was featured on the cover of CotG #15, but wasn’t actually in the book.  This time around, however, she’s actually in the story.  It still doesn’t line up with the most recent issue of Captain Marvel, however, so I’m not sure what’s going on.  I haven’t read any of this run of GotG before #15, but since it’s pretty early in this arc I’m piecing it together without too much trouble.  I do want to read the earlier issues, and will do so when my budget lets me.


What I read on Thursday

Twitter keeps doing things, shockwaves from the Target hack continue to be felt in the tech world, the next revolution in stock images is happening, and LifeHacker, as always, has some great advice. Then I listened to some podcasts.

mothra dragging godzilla

ReadWrite: The Death Of The Magnetic Stripe Claims A Scalp As Target CIO Resigns

Google Maps: Photospheres of Egyptian Ruins
I could look at these photospheres all day, especially the one of Hatshepsut’s temple.

LifeHacker: What Can I Actually Upgrade On My Mac?
Doing research on keeping my old macbook alive.

LifeHacker: How to Stop Being a Cynical Asshole

PreviewsWorld: Jeremy Barlow Picks Up From The Clone Wars With Darth Maul Series 

Super Duper Space Witch: Review: The Outer Temple of Witchcraft – circles, spells and rituals by Christopher Penczak
My friend Amanda’s blog, participating in the Pagan Blog Project. Penczak’s stuff never really appealed to me when I was still practicing.

Wired: The 5 Comics You Need to Read This Month Blast Off with Captain Marvel #1 in March
Yay! Carol’s back! I am going to go broke buying comics this month, jeez. Getty Images makes 35 million images free in fight against copyright infringement
Wow.  That’s awesome, and brilliant. Plus WordPress jumped right on that: Announcing New Embed Support for Getty Images

NPR: Park Officials: Illegal Cutting of Redwoods Is Increasing

Wired: How Your Season of Birth Is Etched in Your Brain

KaijuCast: Godzilla vs. The Thing Daikaiju Discussion
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’m going to start including things I listen to or watch in a given day, since this is mostly about looking at the range of information I take in.

Search Engine Land: As Google Upgrades Google Maps Business Listings, Conflicts Happen Including Duplicate Listing Issues
I’m a little shocked that articles on this are just now showing up. I’ve been troubleshooting that particular issue for our clients for months now.  It’s a pretty nasty mess that Google’s made for the SEO’s to clean up. Sweden (yes, the country) wants your ideas for a new breed of games

DigiDay: Why Twitter’s growth problem isn’t a problem for Madison Avenue
The discrepancy between how Wall Street and Madison Avenue view the platform illustrates a fundamental difference between the two. For bankers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, selling the promise of future success is as, if not more, important than exhibiting actual ROI. That equates to placing a premium on growth. Agencies and brands tend to focus more on performance, and in that regard, Twitter delivers.

Scientific American: From Gadgets to Galaxies: Conference Reports
Another podcast that I love.  This one is rarely more than 30 minutes long.