Captain Phasma is my new obsession

captain phasma comic

Last night I inhaled the trade paperback of Marvel’s Captain Phasma comic. She’s tough and completely amoral when it comes to her own survival and I love her. Not a single nurturing, sentimental bone in her body.

The comic starts with Phasma climbing out of the garbage shoot that Finn threw her down after forcing her to lower the shields of Starkiller Base. Her focus on covering up what happened leads her to ruthlessly chase down a scapegoat who escaped the destruction of the base and crashed on an especially harsh planet.

Phasma seems to empathize with the colonists she and her pilot encounter, leading to some surprising though vague hints about Phasma’s life before the First Order. This highlights how cold her heart is when she doesn’t hesitate to use the colonists to achieve her own ends.

Captain Phasma does not give a fuck. This comic shows what a complicated character she is, and seems to foreshadow some very interesting choices in her future. So many people were surprised at how she didn’t really hesitate to take down the shields of Starkiller Base when the choice was between her life and the First Order.

I think that Phasma may be a stronger analogue for Darth Vader in the new trilogy than Kylo Ren. Everyone is terrified of her, she kills without hesitation, and she wears distinctive armor that manages to both mark her as unique and erase her humanity.

I’m going to have to pick up the Phasma novel now. I’m currently convinced that the Vader analogue will extend into Phasma having a redemption arc of her own, instead of Kylo Ren.