Slow Apocalypse, Texas Style

It’s weird to be sitting through what feels like the intro setup for a post-apocalypse movie. Continue Reading

What I read on Tuesday (week 2)

I need a new title for this content roundup thing I seem to be doing now, as there’s an increasing ratio of videos being included. Nothing has come to mind yet. Laughing Squid: President Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis Insult Each… Continue Reading

What I read on Friday

Friday is here.  To celebrate I am including two anecdotes about my day. A coworker showed up with amazing chocolate cupcakes. This makes me self-conscious because I’m planning to get up early tomorrow to make chocolate cupcakes for my boyfriend’s… Continue Reading

What I read on Tuesday

Continuing the experiment of noting how I waste my time. Today’s reading includes edible unspeakable horrors, the secret eldritch ceremonies of those who control the internet, Apple CEO Tim Cook telling climate deniers to suck it, and a real magic ring… Continue Reading