Credit: NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (University of California, Santa Cruz), R. Bouwens (Leiden University), and the HUDF09 Team

Flash Fiction – Echo

For the Daily Prompt – Echo The phone was face up and flashing strange colors and messy squiggle shapes that vibrated across the screen.  All she had done was try to send a text message.  A very important text message. Vanessa slammed her phone down onto the table and swore.  A brand new Nine, with all the updates.  A line of phones that had never expressed the Bug before. Nothing she’d read before buying had mentioned the Bug finally getting to her preferred phone brand. Deep breath.  Fine. She glanced down at the mess of notes scattered across the kitchen table.  It was 3am and she’d already been up for an hour… Read More

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Double Speak, The Cosmic Void, Mortal Combat: Your Weekend Reading

Friday has stumbled in, bleary eyed and in desperate need of a bath and perhaps a coffee. Here is your weekend reading, my friends. Food scientist Glenn Davis Stone weighs in on the new doublespeak that defines gene editing as a totally different thing from genetic modification. Losing mammoths and other large herbivores allowed ancient grasslands to develop into forests, says a study from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology. Galactic black holes may be spewing matter into the mysterious cosmic void Player Discovers Secret Menus In Mortal Kombat Games After Over 20 Years Pacific Rim 2 is happening, because apparently Legendary was acquired by the Chinese company Wanda, the world’s largest cinema… Read More

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What I read Today

I’m technically on a vacation day, but our trip didn’t work out. I’ve still been on a computer (at home, in my study), ignoring the gorgeous weather, but I’ve been lost in Photoshop and Illustrator while sprucing up the boyfriend’s website. There’s a parallel universe out there where I have a lucrative career in design. Speaking of universes, there’s an article on the very, very, very beginning of ours, we’re a step closer to the Robot Apocalypse thanks to the hard work of MIT, and old pagan myths from Ireland are the best thing to listen to on St Patrick’s day. Also, the kitten below terrifies the boyfriend. MIT News: Soft… Read More

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