Weird Weekend Reading – Unicorns, Cyberpunk, and Ghostbuster Prophecies

Friday has arrived,┬áconfused and trembling and showing early signs of scurvy after eating nothing but chocolate rabbits for the last week. Greetings, my friends! Today we return to our regularly scheduled Weird Weekend Reading. The offerings this week include cataclysms… Continue Reading

Cats, cyberpunk, and conspiracy theories: Your Friday reading list

Friday has arrived, like a snail fleeing a sunbeam. May you have a lovely weekend, and time to take in some reading. Here are my favorite articles from this week: Genetic tests show the complicated history of domesticating cats. A… Continue Reading

iSkin Tech Will Make Your Cyberpunk Fantasies Real

Imagine that your phone rings, and to accept the call you squeeze a specific point on your ear. Continue Reading