Iron Sky is getting a sequel with dinosaurs!

I just found out that there’s going to be a sequel to Iron Sky (the brilliantly hilarious Nazis on the Moon film). It has dinosaurs, that are ridden by Nazis, inside of the Hollow Earth.  And their President Sarah Palin… Continue Reading

Original Jurassic Park Gets a LEGO Game!!! And Jurassic World Too

My inner twelve year old is screaming with excitement.  

What I read on Monday (week 2)

This was a long Monday, following a weekend of birthday parties, putting our house back together, and celebrating a friend’s new sandwich shop/console game arcade. No article commentary, but mostly interesting stuff.  Cupcake post later this week! I need so… Continue Reading

What I read on Wednesday

I didn’t have time to publish this yesterday. Read most of this stuff during my lunch break. Lots of variation in this sampling, no wonder my brain was mush when I got home from work last night. Search Engine Land: Logged… Continue Reading