Weird Weekend Reading – Unicorns, Cyberpunk, and Ghostbuster Prophecies

vintage spider womanFriday has arrived, confused and trembling and showing early signs of scurvy after eating nothing but chocolate rabbits for the last week.

Greetings, my friends! Today we return to our regularly scheduled Weird Weekend Reading. The offerings this week include cataclysms in space, history being rewritten, and the discovery of the thing that will probably turn us all into cyborgs.

  1. Jupiter was hit by something really big again.
  2. Unicorns really were real, but they went extinct about 30,000 years ago
  3. Scientists hope to learn long lost name of ancient Etruscan god/dess from a stone tablet just in time for the new Ghostbusters movie
  4. We may really, finally, seriously be about 5 years out from the glorious Cyberpunk dystopia we’ve all been waiting for – Wetware is here
  5. A lot of assumptions made about Bronze Age Europe is probably wrong – discovery of ancient massive battle has historians baffled
  6. Life is weird and nothing is safe – Genes jump species in nature all the time!