Seriously, why do we Facebook?

People get mad at Facebook partly because they’re being herded into someone else’s big vision about how everyone is someday going to communicate, and these people don’t feel like they’re in control. But the fact is that most of those people have no idea how to be in control of their online lives; it takes a lot of work, knowledge, and deep understanding to really get that. They use Facebook because it’s easy, and it’s easy because it’s prepackaged. It’s like choosing the Twinkie you can eat right away over baking an amazing eclair from scratch. Or Hell, just knowing where to go to get an amazing eclair from the local small business baker. Continue Reading

What I read today March 26th

Chickens are amazing creatures, the Canadian Apocalypse is at hand, Facebook continues to ruin everything, Animal Planet sucks, Robert Frost was an incredible poet, facts never stop true believers even if they’re facts about what they used to believe, and… Continue Reading

What I read today March 19th

A new app to help you avoid people who suck, AirBnB learned their lesson and is ready to clean up the orgy that happened in your living room while you were away, the long lost wizard founder of Friendster wants… Continue Reading

What I read on Friday

Friday is here. ┬áTo celebrate I am including two anecdotes about my day. A coworker showed up with amazing chocolate cupcakes. This makes me self-conscious because I’m planning to get up early tomorrow to make chocolate cupcakes for my boyfriend’s… Continue Reading