New Godzilla Game Looks Incredible

This trailer for Godzilla, the new game from Bandai Namco coming out next month, looks gorgeous and fills me with lust. I am having a lot of feelings right now about the fact that I don’t own a PS4.  

The best day ever

Today has been an amazing day.  Reed and I walked through a gorgeous spring evening to our favorite neighborhood pizza place, sat outside under the oak trees, and followed up some damn good pizza with a special treat; chocolate cake… Continue Reading

Godzilla Hotel Rooms Opening in Tokyo

The Gracery Hotel in Tokyo is soon to open Godzilla-themed rooms at their location sitting atop the Toho Cinema.  And they look really cool. The Godzilla Room includes a giant claw reaching out of the wall and clutching menacingly towards… Continue Reading

Godzilla: Cataclysm is Really Great

I am really loving this new IDW miniseries, Godzilla: Cataclysm. It’s a post apocalyptic story of life after giant monsters tore down civilization. It’s only four issues, but I find myself hoping that IDW decides to play more in this world.… Continue Reading

What I read today March 27th

Behold the glory of the Poster Posse’s ‘Godzilla’ fanart project, an interview with Nathan Edmonson, writer of the Marvel comic Black Widow, NASA made a time-lapse video of the unending freak hell winter of 2013-2014, a new Austin-based magazine published… Continue Reading

What I read on Friday

Friday is here.  To celebrate I am including two anecdotes about my day. A coworker showed up with amazing chocolate cupcakes. This makes me self-conscious because I’m planning to get up early tomorrow to make chocolate cupcakes for my boyfriend’s… Continue Reading