What I Read Today March 24th

The convoluted not-logic of Hobby Lobby’s upcoming Supreme Court case, more creepy things about Chernobyl, Google’s latest plan towards world conquest, and pine tree DNA is pretty crazy stuff.

A cat is trapped in snow, with only its head and tail sticking out, swishing around.

MotherJones: Are You There God? It’s Me, Hobby Lobby

So basically, the Hobby Lobby case requires the court to decide whether a corporation has sincere religious beliefs that would be compromised by having its health plan cover the contraception that it once covered because it believes that contraception causes abortions, even when it doesn’t. Got that?

Live Science: Chernobyl Trees Barely Decomposed, Study Finds

Everything about Chernobyl is creepy horror movie fodder.

Wired: Google’s Bold Plan to Overthrow Amazon as King of the Cloud

Like other cloud giants, Google and Hölzle aim to make life easier for anyone who’s building a new website or new a mobile app, storing or processing large amounts of data, or just trying to see if some code will run. Rather than setting up their own infrastructure, businesses and developers can just open up a web browser and run their software on Google’s network. Many are already doing this.

Live Science: Pine Tree Yields Longest Genome Ever Sequenced

Conifers have been around since the age of the dinosaurs, and they have some of the biggest genomes of all living things.

What I read on Monday (week 2)

This was a long Monday, following a weekend of birthday parties, putting our house back together, and celebrating a friend’s new sandwich shop/console game arcade. No article commentary, but mostly interesting stuff.  Cupcake post later this week! I need so much coffee…

bill murry in a chef hat drinking an entire pot of coffee


The Verge: Google’s Eric Schmidt: ‘let us celebrate capitalism’

San Francisco CBS: Google Engineer Targeted By Protesters In Front Of His East Bay Home

The Verge: The Classics: ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ text adventure

Youtube: Mystery Tubes in the Stick Bug’s Gut

Geek Feminism Blog: On being geeky, disabled, and also kinda smokin’

Live Science: Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered Lethal Acid Rain

Mashable: Craig Ferguson to Produce ‘I F*cking Love Science’ for TV

Tor.com: Ending the Tyranny of Knowledge. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey