What I read on Tuesday (week 2)

I need a new title for this content roundup thing I seem to be doing now, as there’s an increasing ratio of videos being included. Nothing has come to mind yet.

A light bulb burning out

Laughing Squid: President Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis Insult Each Other on ‘Between Two Ferns’
So good. It is this marketing professional’s opinion that viral videos about putting off going to the doctor for months while your spider bite wounds fester is the way to advertise the Affordable Care Act to younger people.

Youtube: How Wolves Change Rivers
Fascinating video on the interconnectedness of environments.

American Anthropological Association: Take a #StandForScience
The original COMPETES Act established a vision for revitalizing the nation’s research and innovation enterprise. The new FIRST Act does not live up to that vision.

Bones Don’t Lie blog: Gravemarkers: New Interpretations of Decoration and Design
Interesting and brief paper on gravestone fashions over the last few centuries.

LifeHacker: I’m a Telemarketer. Here’s How to Get Rid of Me
As a former (rather successful) political organization fundraiser, I can attest to the usefulness of this device, especially the magic words, “Please add me to your do not call list.”

LiveScience: Volcanoes Helped Antarctic Life Weather Ice Ages
More on why volcanoes are cool!

Search Engine Land: How 90s HTML Coding Will Save The SEO World In 2014
The return of the sprite? For mobile optimization, of all things? Fascinating.

U.S. Department of State Official Blog: Benefiting From the Mobile Revolution
But without interoperable technologies, service developers and content creators cannot innovate and without an increasingly capable and robust wired and wireless infrastructure, those services and content cannot reach consumers.

Wired: Photos: The Brutal DIY Weapons of the Ukrainian Revolution
Brutal as these weapons look, they’re basically medieval compared to modern security forces. “It’s literally sticks and stones,” says Jamieson. “As mean and nasty as they look — and of course they’re intentionally made to look that way — it’s nothing in comparison to a gun.”

LiveScience: Cat Firebombs Featured in 500-Year-Old German War Manual
Create a small sack like a fire-arrow … if you would like to get at a town or castle, seek to obtain a cat from that place. And bind the sack to the back of the cat, ignite it, let it glow well and thereafter let the cat go, so it runs to the nearest castle or town, and out of fear it thinks to hide itself where it ends up in barn hay or straw it will be ignited.

Geek & Sundry/Two Broke Geeks: Tips for Writers feat. Nika Harper! 2 Broke Geeks

Youtube: NOKOMI – An extraordinary adventure with a snow monster (ESMA Animated Short Film)

Slate: “Procedures Involving Gravely Immoral Practices”What the religious right really thinks of birth control.