Do you fear what I fear? A meditation on the holiday season

An unseasonal frozen hell approaches North America. Do you fear what I fear?

To some people, the colder months mean a time of family and celebration, feasting and joy. Some of us, however, know the horrible truth. Winter is a time of demons, of death, of confronting natural forces that can lay waste to entire civilizations, through starvation, disease, and madness.  We take comfort in the gatherings, and we are deeply grateful for the feasting, but at the bottom of our shadowed hearts is the understanding that we gather because there is strength in numbers.

If the day finally comes that the screaming winds of winter shatter out of a darker dimension into some shambling monstrosity looking for a hearty, well fattened meal, pray that you are not alone in the cold. Pray that in your lifetime the stars will never be right.

I have great respect for the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and I encourage everyone to invest in their wondrously terrifying holiday albums.