Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder – a review

Covers of the comic book The Squidder Issue 1 and Issue 2Behold the writhing, shuddering horror that is The Squidder, a nightmare made possible by Kickstarter and the darkness of Ben Templesmith‘s brain.

From the horror artist that brought us 30 Days of Night, this graphic story is every post apocalyptic, tentacle-covered horror fantasy you have ever secretly had. It’s Mad Max versus Cthulhu! (Seriously, that’s how Templesmith describes it.)

The story is twisted across the remnants of Earth long after a bloody alien invasion by the Squid that left the broken mess of human survivors as a few scattered lumps of terrified peasantry worshipping their overlords, no memory left of the old world or the war that cost everything.  But there are some who remember, soldiers who have lived too long, still burning with the hate for the Squid. These soldiers were the Squidders.

There are cyborgs, there are grotesque tentacled genetic experiments, plagues, intense sword and gun violence, and giant flying squid overlords.

Ben Templesmith’s art is so creepy surreal that it’s a little anxiety inducing.  He gets horror.  I get chills looking at some of the panels.  There’s something organic about this world of shadows and filth that just drills into you.

If you’re into horror comics, you must read this book.

If you enjoy H. P. Lovecraft or anything even remotely tied to Cthulhu, you must read this book.

You must read this book.

IDW is currently publishing it in a 4-issue run that you can pick up at most comic shops. Issue 2 came out last week.  It will be available in hardback in September, from 44Flood, and is available for preorder now.