dead ant with fungus coming out of it. text: the girl with all the gifts

Book Review: The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey, is a delightful twist on the zombie apocalypse genre.  Both disturbing and hopeful, the story and the characters get under your skin then gnaw their way back out. Nearly every zombie story these days follows the rules of the Romero / Night of the Living Dead universe; slow, shambling creatures, all dead rise, and no other form than rotting.  The Girl with All the Gifts breaks that mold, and it is refreshing. The ‘hungries’ in Carey’s novel move more like velociraptors than shambling corpses.  They smell their human prey, triggered to action by the stench of pheromones.  They are animated… Read More

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Netflix Roulette: Hardware

Holy Hell. I hope Richard Stanley pitched this movie as Mad Max meets Terminator, because I’m pretty sure that that’s what I just watched. I have a bad habit of mining the cheese smeared depths of Netflix’s non mainstream SFFH offerings (science fiction, fantasy, horror), and dumping them in my queue for months or even years. I really can’t stop myself, it’s from the same place in my brain that makes me check the bed for spiders three times every night. Well, tonight as we scrolled through my Netflix queue looking for something ridiculous, my bizarre compulsion paid off when we came across Richard Stanley’s Hardware. Hardware is a post… Read More

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Review: The Silvered

The Silvered by Tanya Huff My rating: 3 of 5 stars I enjoyed it. Kind of a steam punk fantasy horror sort of thing, with a nice spin on werewolf tropes. The strong female heroine is very well written as a grumpy teenager accidentally figuring out she has very strong magic powers. Good relationship with her crazy mom stuff that made me laugh. The thing that qualifies this as horror, however, is not the werewolf element. It’s the terrible mad scientist emperor, and what he is doing with his limitless resources and boredom. Once I got to that part, I really could not put the book down, and finished the… Read More

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