The Creepy Things I Find on Google Maps

My day job requires me to spend a lot of time wandering around Google Maps, trying to figure out whether or not a client gave us a real physical address.  It sounds weird when I try to explain that to people.  I like it, though, because I get to stare at satellite images of places all over the United States and Canada, especially remote rural areas just begging to be a horror movie set.  Sometimes I find really cool stuff! Sometimes I find questionable and creepy stuff.

This morning, wandering around a remote region of Michigan, I stumbled across the template for an elaborate corn maze.  It’s pretty impressive, with a volcano, tiny dancing people, a skull, and a lava flow.

Corn Maze 2
According to the listing on the Map, the land is part of Jacob’s Farm, which has a great website at  The photo gallery on their website has aerial shots of past mazes.

Just keep in mind that, without a Street View, the resolution available through Google Maps generally isn’t strong enough to make out old blood stains.

If you want to see the original on Google Maps, here’s a link: