New Plan: Whatever the hell I want

cab in a field surrounded by trees, courtesy

It’s hard to start blogging again when I’ve been out of the habit. I have no idea what to talk about, much less how to say it. I recently did a bunch of planning and brainstorming my two marketing-oriented blogs, but I’m still at a loss as to what to say here on Cheese and Glory.

I did have a funny revelation the other day. I can never make myself stick to the various niches I’ve come up with because this is really a lifestyle blog, a very geeky, quirky lifestyle blog. The phrase tends to raise up visions of new moms trying to capitalize on stories of their baby’s poop, or the very carefully crafted narratives of Instagram cool kids, but it’s much broader than that.

Some of my favorite blogs fall under the “lifestyle” category, like Hacker, Ninja, Hooker, Spy, or Jenny Lawson’s The Bloggess. When I think back on all my best performing stuff from many years ago, people seemed to love most the weird stories about my weird days. My recent post, The Vampires Never Showed Up, is in that style.

So, if I give myself permission to blog in that style, rather trying to be just a review and article blog on monster movies or whatever subgenre I’m lately obsessed with, I might just get my writing groove back. That would cool.

So, daily writing exercises on here, Cheese and Glory, where I’m not trying to sell anything in particular and I can do whatever the hell I want. Of course, I’m planning to attach my Ebay and Etsy stores once those are up and running, but that just means that I’ll do whatever I want and have reviews and articles on obscure B-movies.

I decline marshmallow filling and topping for a reason.

After putting the matter off in fear of driving my phone into a nightmarish fit full of trembles and heat and the cannibalization of my data, tonight I finally upgraded the thing to Android Marshmallow. I am pleased to report that only one item fell victim to digital cannibals, and it is easily replaced.

In other news, I seem to be shifting into an entirely new sort of existential crisis! Fortunately it was part of the original plan and everything will eventually be fine as long I work very, very hard for the next several months.

I have also developed a bit of an addiction to that ridiculous game Neko Atsume. I should be writing.