January Status Report: First Goal of 2016 Achieved

woman in labFirst, a big thank you to Warren Ellis for linking to my review of Dead Pig Collector in his newsletter, Orbital Operations. It’s an excellent newsletter that he sends out on Sundays, and reads like the fascinating ramblings and recommendations of your very cool uncle who has done some weird shit in his life. I recommend that you subscribe.

Second, my brain has been almost completely liquefied after a few weeks of shopping my resume around in search of new, more interesting work. I have now found the object of this quest, and am in the process of leaving the employer that I’ve been with for nearly four years. The best new adventures are both exciting and terrifying simultaneously. There may be sleep deprived rants about Python and data science in the coming months.

Third, I’m still volunteering with the marketing team of a fantastic haunted house that raises money for charity. There will be more talk of that later, as we just started ramping up for a city-wide fundraiser known as “I Live Here, I Give Here.” I have to make a newsletter schedule and a powerpoint presentation this weekend for them. And then take my Google Analytics certification test. Wheeee.

All this means that I’m behind in my goal to read three novels a month. Kameron Hurley‘s Mirror Empire has taken up residence in my purse, but I have yet to find an opportunity to crack it open. I did manage to ingest several single issue comics, and Reed has gotten me addicted to the excellent ScyFy show The Expanse. Last week I finished the audio version of Brandon Sanderson‘s The Alloy of Law, right before things got really hectic (review forthcoming).

I have, however, unexpectedly started working on an idea for a weird fiction horror story. So far it’s a slippery thing that shifts around every time I sit down with it, but I think I’ve got the premise finally nailed down. It started out as one of the exercises in Syd Field’s Screenwriting book that I’ve been picking through, and refused to confine itself to a few paragraphs.

This whole month has been an exciting kickoff to 2016. I’ve already achieved one of my major goals for the year, and now I have much needed brain space available to chase down the next goal.