Go vote. Please.
Go vote. Please.

Go vote.  Go vote.  Go vote.  Go vote.

Then keep listening to the news, and learn how to harass and harangue and make demands of your congresspeople, your senator, your state legislator, your mayor, your city council, and your judges.

Write letters, sign official petitions, find local activist communities, go to protests, and drag all your friends to them.

Read a wide variety of news sources.  Get off of Facebook and set yourself up a Feedly account so you can subscribe to all kinds of different blogs, newspapers, and organizations.  Seek out the voices of people who are different from you.  White, black, latino, liberal, conservative, anarchist, scientific, religious.  Listening to people does not mean agreeing with them.

Talk to people.  Figure out where people are coming from, why they believe what they believe.  Figure out exactly why you believe what you believe.

Keep voting.  Read your local publications, track your local politics, figure what’s going on that your friends care about and talk to them about it.

The United States of America is in the throws of a massive transformation, and it’s not certain where we’re going to land.  But the more people are making a concerted effort to be informed and involved, the more likely we are to land in a better place.