Godzilla Hotel Rooms Opening in Tokyo

The Gracery Hotel in Tokyo is soon to open Godzilla-themed rooms at their location sitting atop the Toho Cinema.  And they look really cool.

The Godzilla Room includes a giant claw reaching out of the wall and clutching menacingly towards the bed.


The Godzilla View Room is very literal, with an amazing view of the Godzilla statue that bursts upwards out of the Toho Cinema roof:


Here’s a street view of that statue (from Cinema Cafe):


According to Kotaku, prices will run about $334 US (39,800 yen) on weeknights and $417 US (49,800 yen) on weekends.

I really am a little blown away by this. Based on everything I have heard and read, Godzilla’s popularity has waned significantly in Japan over the last decade.  For all its flaws (its many, many flaws), if the 2014 American Godzilla film has reinvigorated the Toho franchise and its ridiculous glory, I may have to forgive Legendary Pictures. Maybe.

And of course I will be adjusting my projected budget accordingly for that trip to Japan I keep fantasizing about.