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Fantastic Fest 2016 Recap

Fantastic Fest 2016 was, as always, a great party.    I ate too much fried food, was movie critic Leonard Maltin’s personal driver for a couple of days, and had an argument at the bar with a drunk Irish guy who hates Hillary Clinton. I saw 14 movies, including what is now my second favorite kaiju movie of all time.  Fantastic! Below is a quick synopsis of the films I saw, and why you should or should not waste a piece of your short time on Earth watching them.  The movie titles link to either their IMDB entry, or a trailer. I’ll also post updates in the future on how to… Read More

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On Junk Food, Suicide Squad, and Story Telling

I really enjoyed Suicide Squad. I describe it as, “big, stupid fun,” like delicious, carcinogenic junk food. Critics hate it, but most people are calling Suicide Squad ‘fun’. I’ve been trying to figure out what is it about Suicide Squad that makes it fun. What are the structural things that make this movie work despite its many failings? Let’s face it, Suicide Squad is a hot mess; it may be fun, but it is not good. The plot is just barely there, the character development is haphazard at best, and I’m surprised Ghostbusters hasn’t asked for their villain back. Why are there approximately 15 million flashbacks of Harley and the Joker,… Read More

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Review: Hail, Ceasar!

I thoroughly enjoyed Hail, Caesar! I have not laughed so hard at a movie in a very long time. The talent, the writing, the banter, the pacing, the tropes being mocked… Hail, Caesar! is a Cohens Brothers movie in fine form. The story follows Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin), a 1950’s Hollywood studio manager, who is constantly putting out metaphorical fires, keeping the talent in line, and the press at bay. His secretary, Natalie (Heather Goldenhersh), is a vital piece of his world, keeping the chaos coming in manageable packages and appointments. Their chemistry helps the story click along at an intense pace. Eddie weaves in and out of the stories of several… Read More

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Chappie is no Jonny Five and that’s great

I liked Chappie. It’s a very solid contribution to the science fiction subgenre of robot and artificial intelligence movies. It may not appeal to folks who are not well versed in robot movies, and that’s ok. It makes me sad to see the degree to which formal reviewers have been ripping this movie apart, calling it a tropy ripoff of other robot movies.  It’s a robot genre movie, people, come on! Anyone who insists on labeling Chappie as a ripoff of the 80’s classic Short Circuit hasn’t seen Short Circuit in 29 years.  As a science fiction loving child of the 80’s who owned a VHS copy of Short Circuit,… Read More

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Mothra vs The Snot Monster

Godzilla vs The Thing is a kaiju classic. It’s goofy and doesn’t take itself very seriously, except of course when the monsters are fighting. There is some great Godzilla-smash to enjoy, from stepping on factories to people panicking in the streets. Mothra really dishes it out to Godzilla as she fights to protect her offspring. The plot is fun, following two newspaper reporters and a scientist as they try to expose the corruption of a local power hungry businessmen whose greed nearly dooms Japan to Godzilla’s wrath.

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October is the craziest month every year

October is crazy for us, because we throw a huge, themed, Halloween party every year. Right before things kick into high gear, we vanish for a week into Fantastic Fest in late September.  I’ve been gluing eyes into roses for two weeks now and I think the chemicals are going to my head. I ordered an insane amount of LED candles last night so that we can recreate the devil prison altar from Prince of Darkness. And I joined an all women RPG group that’s playing Fate Core, which I’m not very familiar with. Busy time. Also, I’m tired of trying to find time to write a really great review… Read More

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Review – The Hundred Foot Journey

This is the warm and fuzzy date night movie of the summer.  Grab your person you like to feel happy with and go see The Hundred Foot Journey this weekend. A sweet story about chasing dreams, tough decisions, and making peace from the director of Chocolat, Lasse Halstrom, The Hundred Foot Journey pulls you in so close that you can almost smell the clash of turmeric against subtle French sauces. The Kadam family has run a respected restaurant in Mumbai for years, when one terrible evening politics turn an angry mob onto their neighborhood. They lose everything in a fire. The family lands for a time in England as refugees,… Read More

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