other worlds austin 2016 poster

Other Worlds Austin 2016 Recap

Other Worlds Austin is a dedicated science fiction film festival based in Austin, TX.  A team of passionate scifi film makers, writers, and fans, they put together a curated collection of independent and classic science fiction movies, with a little horror thrown in.  This was my first year to attend, and I am definitely part of the cult now. I liked almost everything I saw this year, which is not a common experience at most festivals.  The curation was films was very well done.  They brought in some cool people, like Brian Narelle, who played Lt. Doolittle in Dark Star (1974) and has some of the weirdest stories about film making and fandom.  There… Read More

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starship enterprise above a planet

Star Trek Beyond: Fun, Flawed, Worth Seeing

Star Trek Beyond is fun, lighthearted science fiction, . Full of classic elements, nods to the series’ predecessors, and a story strong enough to carry the over-the-top explosions, the film is a fine piece of entertainment. I’m not saying this film is perfect; it has a few groan-worthy flaws, but is worth seeing despite them. Star Trek Beyond is not dark and gritty. It’s bright, colorful, and hopeful of the future. Most of the story happens on a planet surface, where the crew is wandering along high-walled cliffs and through forests that capture the feel of away missions in both the original Star Trek and The Next Generation. Kirk is… Read More

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