What I Read Today July 9 2014

A call for participants in an experiment to quit Facebook for 99 days, and take a close look and whether they are happier with or without Facebook.


” The requirement that health insurance plans cover contraception without a copay is still in place, and most employers are actually complying without much of a fuss because most of them are smart enough to prefer the cost savings you get from covering contraception to worrying about what their employees are up to in their private time at home. “


“Some of the fossils were so well preserved the team could still see limb joints and muscle tendons, as well as the darkened thickening on the cuticles of the legs.”






What I Read today July 7, 2014

After a long hiatus, what I Read Today is back with the coolest fossil bird of the decade, a piece on the disgusting prevalence of Islamaphobia, and an inspiring lecture from a visionary data scientist.

Incredibly well-preserved, paper thin bones of long extinct Pelagornis sandersi reveal it to be the largest known flying bird ever discovered.

A comparison of an ancient giant bird to the largest living bird, and a collection of disturbing looking fossils.
Image credit: Liz Bradford


A thought-provoking piece by Heba Said, a Muslim American woman, about her experience at the GOP convention, and the terrible lack of empathy people showed when she reported on how she was treated at the convention.

 The chief data scientist of Salesforce, J.P. Rangaswami, discusses how incredible the future could be.