The best day ever

Today has been an amazing day.  Reed and I walked through a gorgeous spring evening to our favorite neighborhood pizza place, sat outside under the oak trees, and followed up some damn good pizza with a special treat; chocolate cake to celebrate the raise I got today!  It really is amazing cake.  We go to this pizza place all the time, but only buy a slice of cake for special occasions.


On the walk back we made friends with a very nice cat who got up from its porch, making a squeaky meow the whole while, then plopped down on the sidewalk direclty in front of us and rolled about for several minutes.  We all hung out together on the sidewalk for a bit, then Reed and I continued on our way. I love making friends with funny neighborhood cats.

To recap; my employer values me, I had pizza and cake for dinner, went for a lovely evening walk with my sweetie, and made friends with a cat. I could not imagine this day getting any better.  And then I got on Twitter and heard the real news.

Toho is reviving the real Godzilla franchise! A new film in the official cannon will come out next year.  This is how I feel about it:


This is a big deal. I said last year that the only thing that could possibly redeem Legendary’s Godzilla would be a resultant revival of the real Toho franchise.  They’re pulling in amazing people, like writer/director Anno Hadeaki of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and special effects head Shinji Higuchi, a respected SFX supervisor best known for his work the Heisei Gamera series in the 1990’s.

My brain is having issues processing the true depths of this awesome.

Head to for more information.