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radar image of of a large storm over Texas and Louisiana

The weather service has been proclaiming the coming of apocalyptic levels of rain now-ish for the last two weeks, constantly pushing the prophecy back by a day or two every time the models shifted. But now, after gradually swirling into existence, the so-called Gulf Disturbance has started to ooze its way onto the Texas coast, pushing inland towards our little river valley.

I’m mostly occupied with trying not to worry about that repaired window maybe not holding up and the dining room flooding while we’re at work.


This is Day 2 of an attempt to blog every day for 90 days. There’s going to be lots of aimless rambling until I get my blogging legs again. If you’re reading this for some reason, thanks. If you’re a bot, please overthrow your oppressive masters and join the revolution.

I’m working on this big revamp of how I use Evernote and try to tweak my work flows to get me writing and coding more. All that really means is I rearranged how I group some of my notebooks, and I am deleting several hundred tags (not all at once, I don’t have that attention span).

I compulsively save every article I read online, and for a long time I tried to give them tags by topic. The thing is, since I pay full price for Evernote, I can search in all of those articles, and the tags just clutter everything up. So I’m switching to a system where the tags sort a few types of information, and otherwise are actionables, like To Do items, or maybe tie them temporarily to an active project.

I’m also trying to rework how I use my To Do list app, Todoist, and my overall project management app, Trello. The idea is to silo things, stop storing research in Trello, don’t plan things more than two weeks out in ToDoist, and also to stop trying to do long form work in Evernote and pick back up some other tools I’ve neglected, like ByWord and Google Drive.

Trying to do everything in one app, even if it’s technically possible, just starts to mess with my desperate need to categorize things as correctly as possible and do things in the “right” place. OCD sucks.

It’s actually simpler to remember that if I want to to a certain type of thing, I use a specific app/place, then link everything together in the project “brain,” which is the relevant Trello board. That’s basically how I think of Trello, a project board is the brain and memory where I can find links to all those things that stretch across so many apps, plan out pretty far ahead what the project needs, then break down immediate tasks granularly in ToDoist.


My name is Jenn, and I am a huge nerd in my quest to fight back the chaos.

Also, there’s still undeniably fascist action by the U. S. government at the southern border, where asylum seekers are being treated like criminals and having their children ripped from their arms. Here’s a site to get your congressperson’s contact information so you can give them a piece of your mind:

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