Weird Weekend Reading: Cyberpunk Prophecies Gradually Coming True


Friday has arrived, suspiciously perky and bragging of having overcome a serious coffee addiction. I don’t trust this Friday.

This week, science is throwing all kinds of crazy stuff at us, from virus existing inside the human genome to several different early technologies that may wire us all up to the matrix. Also, the stars seem to be aligning just right to wake up the dread lord Cthulhu!

  1. Ancient otter-like marine bear thing had jaws like a sabertooth cat
  2. Injectable brain implants are probably the real dawn of biointegration, neurotech, and the cyberpunk future we’ve all been waiting for.
  3. Radioactive wild boars are rampaging through the areas surrounding Fukushima.
  4. All these black holes out in deep space are pointing the same direction.
  5. Scientists have developed a synthetic tissue that will eventually be able to sync up to real tissue, and can be controlled with light pulses. More cyberpunk dystopia!
  6. One of the creepiest and coolest biology discoveries in recent years is horizontal gene flow. This is where organisms of different species or even forms of life are exchanging chunks of DNA without sexual reproduction. Scientists recently found something disturbing in the Human Genome, possibly a relic from the ancient world, where an ancient virus managed to insert its entire genome into our genome, where it has existed for a very, very long time.
  7. Scientists are much closer to dreams of growing new body parts, or even performing basic tissue repair, using stem cell technology. A new technique overcomes several limitations that have been standing in the way of using stem cells in such a way. Very exciting stuff.