Godzilla Resurgence Will Probably Be Awesome

godzilla monster

Godzilla Resurgence will be released in Japan next week.

jumping godzilla

The latest trailer is gorgeous, giving every indication that this will be a Godzilla film that goes back to the roots of the genre. A healthy mix of practical and digital effects, scientists and army alike helpless against the monster, and hints of a focus on a human story in the midst of all this horror.

There is no dialogue in the trailer, only haunting music. It has a disturbing modern beauty that has me excited for the film.

The soundtrack will be released next week, and I may pick that up right away. Composer Shirō Sagisu has taken up quite a mantle by following the grand symphonic works of Akira Ikufube (composer of nearly all the individual monster themes from 1956 to 1995). However, Sagisu previously worked with director Hideaki Anno on the Neon Genesis films, and I think he will add something truly great to the tradition of kaiju movie musical scores.

Watch the latest trailer below:

I personally am vibrating with impatience over the still-unannounced US release date, accurately represented by this charming scene from Godzilla versus The Sea Monster (1966).

dancing godzilla anoyed in water

A Hong Kong release date of August 25 has been announced, as well as Taiwan and the Philippines.

I have to wonder something fantastic might happen at Fantastic Fest in mid-September, especially since they haven’t announced the theme yet…