Day Before Thanksgiving Ramble

This is my first year ever to really cook a Thanksgiving dinner, which we’re taking to my boyfriend’s┬áparents’ house tomorrow. We were originally going to have them over, but as our apartment building nightmare isn’t quite over yet, I’m still… Continue Reading

Lazy Video Post: When is Thanksgiving?

Pulled from John Green’s Crash Course in History series, When Is Thanksgiving is one of my favorite tellings (on Youtube) of the real story of the weird history of starving capitalists and┬áreligious zealots invading the northeast coast of North America.… Continue Reading

A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving!

The creators of Tiny Hamster at the Hello Denizen Youtube channel have put together a tiny Thanksgiving feast for hamsters and their friends! Tiny pie, tiny cranberry sauce, tiny Turkey stand-in that domestic rodents can eat… I can’t get enough… Continue Reading

Do you fear what I fear? A meditation on the holiday season

An unseasonal frozen hell approaches North America. Do you fear what I fear? To some people, the colder months mean a time of family and celebration, feasting and joy. Some of us, however, know the horrible truth. Winter is a… Continue Reading