What I’m Reading and Watching Lately

cat with books

I’m reading this fantastic pop science book on physics, Spooky Action at a Distance, which discusses the very weird phenomenon known as Non-Locality, which is a thing Einstein hated because it looks like magic.

I’m listening to the audio book of The Fifth Season, the Hugo-nominated first installation in M. K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth series.  The audio performance is really good, and the story very much has my attention.  I find myself looking for the sorts of mindless tasks I can handle while listening to a book, which means the apartment is pretty clean right now.

I have, in the last month or so, finally indulged in watching Twin Peaks on Netflix.  I’d never seen it before, but people have been recommending it to me for years.  They were all correct, of course.  I love that oddball magical realism that was so popular in the 1990’s.

There’s this local “wrestling league” that is an extraordinary piece of performance art, called Party World Rasslin’.  They perform four times a year, and it’s pretty amazing.  A soap opera, political commentary, worship of a sleeping Elder God, it’s everything I could ask for.  They build out a huge set, turning this big warehouse space into a different setting for each show.  The most recent rendition was Winter WonderSlam III, set in an ice cave hundreds of miles below the surface of the Earth, with a major plot twist and the rise of corporate fascism in the world of the PWR Multiverse.  I love it.

I’m also caught up on The Walking Dead, but that mid-season finale needs to get its own post.  Wow.